Martin’s Engineering Tools of the Trade

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Geliştirici: Multieducator Inc

MARTIN’S Engineering Tools of the Trade, Mechanical Engineering Reference Tool, developed and published by Multieducator Inc , is the perfect tool for any Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Student, PT Sales Associate, or Maintenance and Repair Engineer. Put away the pad and paper. Simply input the data and the application returns your results. No calculator needed. Martin’s Engineering Tools of the Trade app contains over 200 important formulas and conversions needed by the industrial professionals. Martin Sprocket & Gear will continue to update this application, adding additional references and formulas as needed or requested. Registering your app insures that you have access to the latest version.

Major areas covered in the program include: Bearings, Belts, Gears, Kinetic Energy, Metalworking, Shafts, Sprockets, Engineering Data, Conversions as well as Martin Drive Selection Charts. All formulas can be saved for easy access from the home screen. Results can also be e-mailed. If you do not see a formula you need or commonly use, just e-mail us and we will try to include your request in the next update. Some of the formulas currently included are: Design Horsepower, Drive Speed Ratio, Outside Diameter of Gear, Circular Pitch for Gears, Worm Ratio, Gear Ratios, Mass, Kinetic Energy, Largest Pulley Load, Centrifugal Force, Direct Current, Horsepower DC, Shear Stress, Polar Moment of Inertia, Conversions of Inches to Feet, Centimeters to Inches, Meters to Yards, Square Inches to Square Feet, Cubic Feet to Gallons and much, much more.

In continuing the tradition of providing quality service and support to our customer base, Martin Sprocket & Gear is currently making this application available AT NO COST.